It all started when…

Kate Nichols, Founder of Go Jane Go, spent 15 years traveling for the brands she represented, oftentimes alone. One night, while sitting alone at her hotel bar, trying to look busy on her phone, Kate thought; “I wish I could connect with other women like me, in my exact situation. I’m tired of eating alone, tired of exploring cities alone, and tired of worrying about being approached by the wrong people. I just want to chat with someone over a glass of wine.”

Kate knew there were other women out there like her. She just had to find them. And so, the idea for Go Jane Go was born. Kate enlisted the help of her sister Ellen Saksen, also a seasoned business traveler, to flesh out the idea. The timing coincided with Pittsburgh Startup Weekend where Kate and Ellen met UX designer Sanjana Baldwa. The Go Jane Go team was formed.

Go Jane Go ended up winning Startup Weekend, and with that validation in hand, the team began building our app, Amelia.

Kate, Ellen, and Sanj won’t rest until every professional woman knows that by using Amelia, they don’t have to settle for room service anymore.